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black quartz countertop design ideas

10 Black Quartz Countertop Ideas for Kitchen Renovation

When planning a kitchen renovation, choosing the right countertop can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. Black quartz countertops, known for their durability, low maintenance, and timeless elegance, are popular among homeowners. This article explores ten creative and stylish design ideas for incorporating black quartz countertops into your kitchen.

1. The Classic Contrast

Design: Pure Black Quartz Countertops with White Cabinetry

Pair pure black quartz countertops with white cabinetry for a classic, high-contrast look that exudes sophistication and style. This combination is perfect for both modern and traditional kitchens, offering a stunning visual balance.

Countertop Options: 3100 Jet Black

jet black countertop with white cabinetry
3100 Jet Black Countertop by Caesarstone

3100 Jet Black from the Classico Collection is a quintessential choice for homeowners seeking to create a stunning ‘Classic Contrast’ in their kitchen. This solid black quartz countertop stands out with its dark black hue, subtly enhanced by a delicate pattern. The polished finish of the quartz material lends a sleek and sophisticated aura, making it a perfect embodiment of modern luxury.

The 3100 Jet Black Quartz countertop is not just a surface; it’s a statement piece that exudes elegance and class. Its unique pattern, while subtle, adds depth and character, ensuring your kitchen doesn’t just blend in but boldly stands out.

Jet Black Quartz Sample Kit Offer

Eager to visualize how the 3100 Jet Black Quartz will transform your kitchen? Opt for our customized sample kit, where you can select up to four colors to compare and contrast. A nominal shipping fee of $30 applies, with a standard delivery time of 3-5 business days.


2. Luxe Industrial Appeal

Design: Dark and Dreamy Look Quartz

Combine dark quartz countertops with stainless steel appliances and fixtures for a sleek, industrial vibe. The dark hues of the countertops create an intriguing depth, making the metallic accents pop.

Countertop Options: Midnight Corvo Quartz Countertop

Black quartz countertop with white cabinet
Midnight Corvo Quartz Countertop by MSI

Enhance your space with MSI’s Midnight Corvo™ Quartz, a luxurious black quartz with cool white veining, perfect for creating a luxe industrial look. Its polished surface offers contemporary glamour, ideal for both commercial and residential applications. This durable and low-maintenance quartz works well with stainless steel appliances for a sleek, modern vibe. 

Coordinating Backsplash

Midnight Corvo is available in two sizes for countertops and wall installations. Pair it with MSI’s Laurel Picket Glass Tile for a pop of color or Georama Nero Geometric Tile for a contrasting black and white marble effect. These combinations create a sophisticated and stylish ambiance in any setting.

3. Warm and Inviting Ambiance

Design: Black Quartz with Wood Accents

Mix black quartz countertops with warm wooden cabinets or shelves to create a cozy, inviting kitchen space. This combination brings a natural balance, softening the boldness of the black quartz.

Countertop Options: Empira Black Quartz Countertop

Black with White Veins Quartz Countertop
5101 Empira Black Quartz by Caesarstone

For a warm and inviting ambiance in your kitchen, consider the 5101 Empira Black from Caesarstone’s Supernatural Collection. This design idea involves pairing black quartz countertops with wooden cabinets or shelves, striking a natural balance between the boldness of black quartz and the warmth of wood.

Specifications of Empira Black

5101 Empira Black is a luxurious black quartz featuring delicate white veins, creating a mysterious and opulent feel. The polished finish and jumbo size options enhance its grandeur, making it a statement piece in any kitchen. The fine white veining flows organically across the dark stone, providing a unique contrast that both blends and stands out.
This combination is perfect for those who want to soften the boldness of black while still enjoying a sophisticated, modern aesthetic. The warmth of the wood brings a cozy, inviting feel to the space, harmoniously balancing with the striking black quartz.

Order Free Quartz Sample

To see how this beautiful black quartz can transform your kitchen, Caesarstone offers free samples of the 5101 Empira Black with no shipping cost.

Slab Purchase: Empira Black

You can buy the whole slab of Empira Black for $2,685.00 from 

  • Brand: Caesarstone
  • Slab Size: Regular 120″ x 56.5″
  • Thickness: 2 cm (3/4″)

4. Modern Minimalism

Design: Matte Black Quartz Countertops

Opt for matte black quartz countertops for a contemporary, minimalist look. The lack of shine reduces glare, making the space appear larger and more open.

Countertop Options: Blackpool Matte Quartz Countertop

Cambria's Blackpool Matte™ Quartz.
Blackpool Matte Quartz Countertop by Cambria

For a modern minimalist kitchen, consider matte black quartz countertops, exemplified by Cambria’s Blackpool Matte™ Quartz. This style enhances a clean, uncluttered aesthetic with its non-reflective, smooth surface.

Sample Ordering & Characteristics

Priced at $7.00 for a sample, Blackpool Matte Quartz is crafted from sustainably harvested, pure quartz. It’s maintenance-free, requiring only warm water and a soft cloth for cleaning. The matte finish is durable, offering the same resistance to scratches and chips as high gloss finishes. Cambria’s countertops come with a Full Lifetime Warranty, ensuring long-lasting quality. The 3×3 sample allows you to experience the product’s beauty and practicality firsthand, embodying luxury and modern simplicity in kitchen design.

5. Elegant Veining

Design: Black Quartz with White Veining

Select black quartz countertops with subtle white veining to add an elegant touch. This design mimics marble’s luxurious appearance while offering quartz’s practical benefits.

Countertop Options: Empira Black Quartz Countertop

Elegant and sophisticated kitchen design, consider black quartz countertops
Empira Black Quartz with White Veining

For an elegant and sophisticated kitchen design, consider black quartz countertops with white veining, like the Empira Black. This style perfectly captures the essence of luxurious marble while providing the durability and ease of maintenance inherent to quartz. Empira Black is characterized by its deep black base and striking white veins, lending a polished and refined sheen to the surface.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Simple and straightforward, a soft cloth and mild detergent are all that’s needed to maintain its pristine appearance.

6. Textured Touch

Design: Leathered Black Quartz Countertops

Choose a leathered finish for your black quartz countertops to add texture and character to your kitchen. This finish enhances the tactile experience and adds a unique visual element.

Countertop Options: Black Tempal Quartz Countertop

Black Tempal 5810 Quartz Countertop for Kitchen Design
Black Tempal 5810 Quartz Countertop

If you’re considering a high-end option, the Black Tempal 5810 is an excellent choice with its ark grey color featuring subtle white hues. This textured quartz countertop comes in a jumbo size, making it suitable for various kitchen layouts. It pairs beautifully with light-colored or wooden cabinets, creating a balanced and harmonious ambiance. Cleaning is a breeze as well, requiring only soap and water to maintain its allure.

7. Sparkling Sensation

Design: Black Sparkle Quartz Countertops

Go for black quartz countertops with embedded sparkles to create a dramatic and eye-catching effect. This design is ideal for homeowners looking to add a touch of glamour to their kitchen.

Countertop Options: Sparkling Black Quartz Countertop

Sparkling Sensation – Black Sparkle Quartz Countertops
Sparkling Black Quartz Countertop

The Sparkling Black Quartz features a deep black base adorned with sparkling flecks, typically polished to perfection. Not only are these countertops visually striking, but they are also technically impressive, being scratch, stain, and heat-resistant. With a mid-range price point, they offer both style and durability. Pair them with white or light wood cabinets for a striking, elegant contrast. Cleaning is a breeze, requiring regular wiping with a non-abrasive cleaner to maintain their sparkling allure.

Coordinating Backsplash And Flooring

To complete your kitchen project, consider a glass backsplash from the Bevollo Collection for a complementary contrast. For the flooring or walls, Hexley, a porcelain hexagon tile, can add a stylish and modern touch, enhancing the overall ambiance of your kitchen.

8. Contemporary Chic

Design: Black Quartz with Sleek Edges

Implement black quartz countertops with sleek edges for a modern and chic look. This design emphasizes clean lines and a polished appearance, perfect for contemporary kitchens.

Countertop Options: Stellar Night Quartz Countertop

Stellar Night Black Quartz Countertop Kitchen Design
Stellar Night Quartz Countertop

An excellent example of this style is Stellar Night Quartz, boasting a dark background adorned with mirror-like flecks. The glossy, reflective finish adds to its contemporary allure, creating a striking focal point in your kitchen.

Characteristics of Stellar Night Quartz

In addition to its stunning visual appeal, Stellar Night Quartz is highly durable, resisting wear and tear effectively. While it falls in the mid to high-price range, its quality and style make it a worthwhile investment. Pair it with bold-colored cabinets or minimalist white ones to achieve the desired contrast and sophistication.

9. Two-Tone Drama

Design: Black and Gold Quartz Countertops

Incorporate black quartz countertops with gold accents or flecks for a dramatic and luxurious feel. This combination creates a striking contrast and adds a regal touch to your kitchen.

Countertop Options: Midnight Majesty

black with gold accents black quartz countertop
Midnight Majesty Vignette by MSI

One remarkable example of this style is Midnight Majesty by MSI Surfaces, a dark and dramatic black quartz countertop that’s sure to captivate you. Its sleek and casually sophisticated design features a striking black background adorned with contrasting flecks in a polished finish. Whether you’re envisioning it for countertops, bar tops, backsplashes, kitchen islands, or other features in residential or commercial properties, Midnight Majesty delivers.

Order Your Free Sample

Not only does it offer a captivating appearance, but it also boasts durability, low maintenance, and stain-resistant properties. To experience the grandeur of Midnight Majesty, you can order a free sample countertop with only a $5 shipping cost.

10. Subtle Shades of Grey

Design: Black Quartz in Grey Tones

Choose black quartz countertops with grey undertones for a softer, more subtle look. This option is great for kitchens with a monochromatic color scheme, where the countertops seamlessly blend with other elements.

Countertop Options: Charcoal Soapstone

Black Quartz in Grey Tones
Charcoal Soapstone Countertop by Silestone

One excellent example of this style is Silestone‘s Charcoal Soapstone. It features a captivating black base with gentle grey highlights, adding depth and character to your kitchen. You have the option to choose between a polished finish for a glossy appearance or a suede finish for a more tactile texture.

Characteristics of Charcoal Soapstone

Silestone’s Charcoal Soapstone is resistant to stains, scratches, impacts, and acids, ensuring your countertops maintain their allure over time. While it falls into the premium price range, its versatility in cabinet pairing, suitable for both light and dark cabinets, makes it a worthwhile investment.

Black Quartz Countertops – Conclusion

Black quartz countertops offer versatility in design, making them a fantastic choice for any kitchen renovation. Whether aiming for a bold statement or a subtle enhancement, black quartz provides a durable, stylish, and practical solution. From pure black to sparkling designs, these ten ideas cater to a range of preferences and styles, ensuring that your kitchen looks stunning and functions efficiently for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Quartz Countertops

Can Quartz Countertops Be Black?

Yes, black quartz countertops are available and highly sought after for their low maintenance, durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. They fit various styles and can be used in different spaces, making them a suitable choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Is Black Quartz More Expensive?

Black quartz stone tends to be more expensive than its white counterparts. This is primarily due to the higher cost of black pigments compared to white. Despite the overall price drop in quartz stones, black quartz’s unique and sophisticated look often comes at a premium.

What is the benefit of black quartz?

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: It provides a sleek and sophisticated look, adding elegance to kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. Durability: Resistant to scratches, chips, and stains, black quartz is ideal for high-traffic areas.
  3. Low Maintenance: Being non-porous, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t require sealing.
  4. Stain Resistance: Its surface prevents liquids from penetrating, making it great for spill-prone areas.
  5. Grounding Energy: Metaphysically, black quartz is believed to radiate positive energy and provide grounding, which is beneficial for spiritual well-being.

What Are the Disadvantages of Black Quartz Countertops?

One of the main disadvantages of black quartz countertops is their tendency to show fingerprints and handprints more prominently, especially in areas with high traffic, like a kitchen island. While they can effectively disguise crumbs and minor stains, they require regular cleaning to maintain their pristine appearance.

Is Black Quartz Shiny?

Black quartz countertops can come in both shiny and matte finishes. Matte black quartz countertops, for instance, offer a smooth surface with minimal reflection, ideal for spaces where glare is a concern. However, not all black quartz countertops have a polished or shiny finish.

What Is the Most Popular Quartz Color for 2024?

For 2024, the most popular quartz countertop color is Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold, known for its striking white base with golden hues and gray veins. In addition, 3100 Jet Black from the Classico Collection is gaining popularity for those seeking a classic contrast in their kitchen. It features a solid black tone with subtle patterns and a polished finish, offering a sleek and luxurious look. Another popular choice is the Sparkling Black Quartz, which stands out with its deep black base and sparkling flecks, known for its scratch, stain, and heat resistance, available at a mid-range price point.